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If you’ve been searching for a doctor who is an expert in urology, men’s health, and kidney problems, who treats you like a human being and not a disease, and who focuses on treating the causes of your problems naturally, you’ve come to the right place.

Practice Locations

Dr. Yarnell can be seen in one of two situations:

If you have a non-cancer condition (and also if you have cancer, and don’t want to go to the clinic site mentioned above for any reason), you can see him in one of two places:

Private practice (known as “practitioner care”) on Tuesdays at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Seattle, WA. 206-834-4100. Click here for info

Supervising students at the Bastyr Center location on Thursdays (Wednesdays in spring quarter; known as “team care”). Schedule also at 206-834-4100.

Note that Washington state law requires patients with cancer to see a medical doctor or osteopathic doctor if you want to work with a naturopathic physician.

Disclaimer: Medicine is a rapidly evolving area. Every effort has been made to provide accurate, complete information at the time of publication. However, new information may become available leading to changes. Patients should always consult with their health care practitioner before making changes in their treatment programs because often there are complexities involved that no single source of information could explain sufficiently. Additionally, every individual is unique and applying general information without the informed opinion of multiple sources of information is unwise. Eric Yarnell, ND, RH, PS is not responsible for the inappropriate application of any information on this website.