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New negative trials on saw palmetto

© Eric Yarnell, ND, Oct 2011 Two of the largest double-blind clinical trials on Serenoa repens (saw palmetto) extracts for treatment of symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) have both shown negative results (Barry, et al. 2011; Bent, et al. 2006).

Botanical aromatase inhibitors

Last updated Feb 2013. Numerous herbal medicines have been reported to inhibit aromatase. The following is a list of reports of herbal aromatase inhibitors (also called botanical aromatase inhibitors) for easy reference. Note that these are in vitro or animal studies and thus cannot be directly extrapolated to human beings. Any human studies that are […]

Video Interview on Prostate Health

This is a July 30, 2007 recording of a live call-in show I was on regarding prostate health. Watch it for free any time by clicking on the link below. Naturopathic Perspective: Prostate Health

Radio Interview on Men’s Health

I was recently interviewed by Lauren Noel, ND of San Diego on her radio show online, and you can listen in to the recording of it now. We discussed prostate health and problems, sexual dysfunction, and many other topics, all from a naturopathic perspective of course. Check it out here.

Saw Palmetto Does Not Artificially Lower PSA

© Eric Yarnell, ND, Mar 2008, updated Feb 2013 Many patients have the concern that Serenoa repens (saw palmetto) extracts might interfere with the measurement of PSA and thus block a prostate cancer diagnosis. Many double-blind trials have shown no effect of saw palmetto on total PSA.